It’s Not China – 68.1% of U.S. Government Debt is Owned by U.S. Individuals, U.S. Institutions and Funds

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U.S. Government Debt was 13 Trillion 562 Billion Dollars as of Septmebr 30, 2010. I got a wrong idea that China and Japan hold most of the US government debt. While I was trying to find who hold Chinese local government bonds, I found following the article. Political Calculations March 15, 2011 To Whom Does the […]

China’s Carrier-Killer Missile?

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NHK July 17, 2011 Taiwan report;China deploys anti-ship missile : A Taiwanese defense report says that China has already deployed part of the world’s first anti-ship ballistic missiles to prevent US forces from intervening in a possible cross-strait conflict. Here’s a related article by Bill Gertz on Washington times December 27, 2010 China has […]

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China will have 198 Additional Nuclear Reactors by 2030

On July 9, 2011, in More, Nuclear Plants,

That is number by WNA (World Nuclear Associations): 26 under construction, 52 planned, 120 proposed ( in addition to 14 operable reactors). World Nuclear Power Reactors & Uranium Requirements: “This table includes only those future reactors envisaged in specific plans and proposals and expected to be operating by 2030.” If you suppose 50% of currently […]

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