Meowee Getting Old.

On August 5, 2011, in Cats, More,

My husband found that Meowee, our cat, is long-sighted. He said that he saw her bumping right into a bookcase  in corridor. He assured me that she could see long distance. We were watching her walk toward a room.  She nearly bumped in the wall next to the entrance, before walking into the room. He […]

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Cats – Nail Clipping

On May 24, 2011, in Cats, More,

I watched cats having nail clipping on YouTube and the owner was using nail clipper for humans. First two cats did not run way. Actually they looked happy after finished. Third one run away. I talked to my husband; we should trim nails of our cat. He said he wouldn’t dare to try it and […]

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A Poignant Article

On May 3, 2011, in Cats, More,

Some time ago, I came across an article posted by a woodworker on his web site while browsing his wooden boxes.  No, it was not an article on his woodworking. but on his cat. If you are one of cat people, you may like to read it. Here’s the link. …for the cat, Gilbert  at […]

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On May 1, 2011, in Cats, More,

Her name is Meowee. I borrowed her name for this blog, for simple reason that it was available domain name. She is now over 15 year old.  She is a queen in our household after other two cats passed away in succession in one year. It seems I spoiled her after she became alone. Now […]

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