Songs to Send Off My Father

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A couple of songs that I feel fitted to send off my father who passed away at 92 year old yesterday across Pacific Ocean in Japan on September 6, 2011, Japan time. Rest in Peace. Ave Maria Schubert by Barbara Bonney The most beautiful rendition of Ave Maria I’ve ever heard Wings to Fly […]


X Japan – Last Live Full Version DVD on Oct 26, 2011

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Finally it will be out on October 26, 2011. It’s region 2 DVD.  So you will need region free player. For example, USA where I live is region 1. You can make reservation at amazon Japan. X JAPAN THE LAST LIVE 完全版 コレクターズBOX(仮) [DVD]: Full version collectors box YEN 9,239.99 X JAPAN THE LAST LIVE […]

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X Japan – 2011 WORLD TOUR Starts June 28 in London

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Just following the itineraries on the map, I feel dizzy and jet lagged. I hope everything goes well for them. Here’s the itineraries, announced so far: Europe: June 28 (Tue) London, United Kingdom July 01 (Fri) Paris, France July 02 (Sat) Utrecht, Netherlands July 04 (Mon) Berlin, Germany Japan: August 13 (Sat) Osaka August 14 […]

X Japan – English Lyric Part 2

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“Scarlet Love Song” is written almost entirely in Japanese. A poster at YouTube translated the lyric in English, begging understanding in advance if the translation is awkward. X JAPAN – Scarlet Love Song -BUDDHA Mix (Click “Show More” for English translation.) Someone commented on difficulty to translate between two languages even for a person who is bilingual in […]

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X Japan – Last Live Full Version

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On June 11 Yoshiki tweets that he finally finished editing X Japan Last Live Full Version after 13 years, that it took 13 years because it was so pailful that he could not watch till the end. Good news is then, can we expect its DVD release in the US soon? I would love to have it. […]

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Space Battleship Yamato – Anime Music

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Music of the first video is so fitting to current Japan. I think I will watch the anime. 序曲 大いなる愛 想人 : Overture – “Oinaru Ai” and “Omoide”: 宇宙戦艦ヤマト より イスカンダル: Planet Iscandar : ヤマトより愛をこめて 沢田 研二: From Yamato with love – by Kenji Sawada: Space Battleship Yamato – Wikipedia:

Hiroko Yakushimaru – Actress/Pop Singer

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She was very popular in 80’s both as actress and pop singer. I like her expression and transparent voice.   She is one of a few female pop singers I still like to watch after 20 years. Here’s links to some of her songs: 薬師丸ひろ子 Hiroko Yakushimaru Woman ~Wの悲劇より~」 (Woman – from Tragedy of W) : […]