Osama Bin Laden Killed

It’s been nearly l0 years and apparently he had been alive and well until yesterday.  I was inclined to believe that he had been dead for long time due to absence of credible video or tape of his for almost 10 years after 911.  Every time something came out, government said, almost automatically, that it […]

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But Why?

Apparently, White House thinks that they can get away with releasing “anybody-can-see”  poorly doctored copy of long form birth certificate.  I think they are arrogant and smarter rather than stupid. And they have suceeded as far as mainstream media and politicians are concerned. Mr. Obama’s long form birth certificate was released a couple days ago. […]

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Mr. President, I forgot to flatten layers!

On April 30, 2011, in Mr. Obama's Birth Certificate, Politics,

Mr. Obama’s long form birth certificate: Actually I did not pay much attention about Mr. Obama’s birth certificate thing, until I saw the copy of his birth certificate long form in PDF format posted at White House web site. At a glance, it has phoney looking: -Mis-aligned registration numbers with different shade, size – Date stamp […]