8/10/2011 by Reggie Middleton

Was A Double Dip Recession Really Hard To See Coming? Is It A Double Dip Or A Large Serving Of A Single Recession?


If this was truly a double dip, then the economy actually grew, then stuttered. That’s materially and significantly more positive than an economy which dramatically shrunk and then was literally pushed upwards by stimulus, and only stimulus, just to fall back IMMEDIATELY after said stimulus was ever so slightly slackened. What this means is that the economy was perpetually in free fall, and that fall was simply lessened by said stimulus. A stark difference from an economy that actually started growing on its own then petered out.

I posted Double Dip Recession? Will see. on August 05, 2011.

But this explanation makes more sense.

I should check more often  Reggie Middleton’s blog.  He usually makes more sense than others.

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