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June 28, 2011 Shepherds Bush Empire, London:

X Japan Live at Shepherds Bush Empire, London: (Review and photos – I like this review.)

X JAPANが欧州ツアー開始、ロンドンの会場前に長蛇の列(29日) (06:05 video)
(X Japan European tour started: Long line in front of London concert theater. – Yoshiki interviews all in English)
This REUTERS Japan rough cut video (06:05) is more interesting than shorter version below.

Shorter Version at REUTERS America: X Japan make their mark (2:20 video)

July 1, 2011 Zenith de Paris, Paris, France:

The concert hall has approx. 6300 people capacity and one of the largest venues in Paris according to Wikipedia. X Japan concert was not sold out, but was very close according to one of the articles.

I haven’t find any news coverage by main stream media. There are several articles.

X Japan – Zenith , Paris, France July 1, 2011 (Photos and review)

X JAPAN – ZÉNITH DE PARIS – 1er JUILLET 2011: (Review)

X Japan Zenith Paris (FR) (Photos only)

According to some reports, there was employee strike at the concert hall and they could not get in and could not bring in their machines. Finally their promoter solved the problem and avoided cancelling the concert. So there was no opening act performance.

In one of the above articles, the writer commented that sound was terrible especially at the beginning. The delay in preparation due to the strike may explain it.

But audience seems to have a good time. I saw no negative comments from the audience at YouTube.

July 2,2011 Tivoli, Utrecht, Netherlands

It’s reported that barrier in the hall broke and one person was taken to hospital due to injury, other two persons was taken to back stage, but they were OK. It happened after Yoshiki dived to the audience and the audience rushed toward to the stage.
It seems there was too much excitement to contain in 1200 (according to Wikipedia) capacity hall.

July 4, 2011 Colombia hall, Berlin, Germany

You need to enter “X Japan” in search (Suche) to get video link ” Auftritt von X Japan”

Dutte, Kutten, Kimonos:

Yoshiki interview after the tour:

X JAPAN completes their first European tour, plans for Japan Dome Tour

To follow the tour:

Twitter Yoshikiofficial:!/yoshikiofficial
Sugizo’s Will:

Some notes:

Drummer Butler :

In one of the above article, the writer mentioned it.

Yes, we have noticed that in X Japan concert videos, there is always someone behind drums attending Yoshiki when he comes to drums, or underneath piano.

I didn’t think that way. “Drummer butler” is funny. In old days in Japan, they must be called “Kuroko”.

Does anyone know other drummer who has drummer butler?

X Japan on YouTube:

In a blog: “In the rain” 6, July, 2011

“Unlike others, I can not say that I would have waited years for this – but it’s still crazy to see someone live, which is otherwise known only from youtube videos, as he rocks the Tokyo Dome.” (Google translate)

Yes, that’s it. Most of audience knows X Japan only by YouTube, including me, while I downloaded a couple of their albums and singles.

I read somewhere X Japan concerts do not check cameras. Funs can follow their tours. Usually less than 24 hours, concert videos started to show up on YouTube.

I think it’s a good idea. Unless you are not “Prince” who did concert in Paris the previous day for 4500 people, it will be hard to be on main stream media the next day.

Until the day comes for X Japan, they can rely on their enthusiastic funs to spread the words immediately by twitter and YouTube.

Yoshiki Dive in Berlin:

After Utrecht accident (seems it was not serious after all), I bet he would not do stage dive in Berlin even if he wanted it. I thought extremely safety conscious Germany authority will prohibit such a dangerous act.

I was wrong.

Not exactly stage dive. But he climbed down and passed the safety fence, then dived into the audience anyway.


Some funs following tours on YouTube commented their disappointment, as they played the same set of songs as North American tour.

I think there is the reason for that. Since this is the first time for almost every audience in Europe and North America to see X Japan in real world, the songs must have been chosen to represent what they are from “Drain” to “Art of Life”.

I predict that in future concerts, setlist will be more flexible.

By the way, I don’t know why they call it “setlist”.

ToshI’s Voice:

Before tour started, I read someone expressing concern about his voice.

But it seems he was good beyond expectation. Listening him live seems totally different experience. People commented CD could not capture his voice in full.

Some writer called it “ethereal “.  From what I have been reading, it may not be an exaggeration.  In the end, cancelled American and European tours in previous years, looks, worked fine for him, because we can tell that his voice has been getting better and better just listening YouTube videos.

No Cancelled Concert:

Another concern before the tour. Someone said he was going both London (first) and Berlin (last) and hoped that he could see last concert in Berlin.

People seems to have always some concern about cancellation for whatever reason.
Always there is some uncertainty about their tour. It must be natural sentiment knowing their history in the past.

But this time, as well as North American tour, there was no cancellation.

Yoshiki said in the interview after the tour “At last, we became a band in a state of militaristic preparedness.”

Maybe that explains it.

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