I wondered when I read the article linked in my previous post.

Toshiba lobbying U.S. to build nuclear waste repository in Mongolia:

My image of Mongolia was a poor underdeveloped country in desert in Central Asia.

I thought that the idea to build nuclear waste depository in Mongolia by the US and Japan must be global scale of “Rokkasho” in Japan.

“Rokkasho” is where spent fuel were sent from all Japanese nuclear plants and will be stored for next 50 years. (After that, there is still no plan what to do and it’s already full and can receive no more spent fuel.)

Rokkasho accepted to become spent nuclear fuel depository because it benefited local economy.  It was a place left out from economic development in Japan, like all other places where nuclear power plants are built in Japan.

I was so wrong.

Mongolia may be a poor underdeveloped country in the desert for the moment.

Mongolia is a landlocked country sandwiched between Russia to the north and China to the south and to the east. Kazakhstan is neighbor to the west, although they do not share borders.

What I had no idea is that Mongolia is center of global competition for access to her uranium reserve.  Countries like Russia, China, Iran, India, France, South Korea and off course United States and Japan are trying to get access, or some countries like Russia already got agreement with Mongolian government for mining uranium there.

It is reported that there exists substantial uranium reserve in Mongolia.

Fueling the Future: Mongolian Uranium and Nuclear Power Plant Growth in China and India:

Mongolia’s contribution in the nuclear arena has thus far been limited to providing uranium for military and civilian purposes. Conventional estimates place Mongolia’s uranium reserves at 62,000 tons, but untested reserves may raise the estimate to 1.39 million tons, constituting the largest reserves in the world.

You can get some idea about global competition reading articles at following links:

Russian-Mongolian uranium efforts deepen:

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July 29, 2011:

Corrected Monju to Rokkasho. Sorry for mix-up.


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