July 4, 2011 Mainichi Daily News:

More than 180 nuclear reactors are currently under construction or being planned to be built in emerging countries and other regions, comprising a 1-trillion-dollar (approximately 80 trillion yen) market worldwide. Demand for nuclear energy shows no signs of decline even in the wake of the Fukushima crisis, rekindling fierce competition in the international business arena.

French nuclear power lobbyists used Fukushima smear campaign to promote own businesses:

I hope “emerging counties” do better job maintaining the reactors than TEPCO did.

(I will be adding the list of countries later if I can find them. –  Here’s the link for now – 7/08/2011.)

by World Nuclear Association

World Nuclear Power Reactors & Uranium Requirements

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Toshiba and CFS (Comprehensive Fuel Services) in Mongolia:


Fukushima Files:


To watch in full screen, click far left button. (Looks like embedding not working. Will check later.)

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