China’s Carrier-Killer Missile?

On July 19, 2011, in More,

NHK July 17, 2011

Taiwan report;China deploys anti-ship missile :

A Taiwanese defense report says that China has already deployed part of the world’s first anti-ship ballistic missiles to prevent US forces from intervening in a possible cross-strait conflict.

Here’s a related article by Bill Gertz on
Washington times December 27, 2010

China has carrier-killer missile, U.S. admiral says:


As you may be reading, it’s not only Taiwan who are concerned about China’s territorial ambition.

Asian ministers discuss South China Sea, security:

Territorial disputes and flare-ups in the South China Sea are expected to take center stage at Asia’s largest security forum this week, with Vietnam and the Philippines accusing China in recent weeks of interfering in their energy exportation efforts.

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