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TOKYO (Kyodo) — Mongolia has reservations about a plan to build a facility there to store or dispose of spent nuclear fuel from other countries, Japanese Foreign Minister Takeaki Matsumoto said Wednesday.

July 28, 2011 Mainichi Daily News:

Mongolia expresses reservations about nuclear fuel repository plan

This was after Kyodo News reported:

TOKYO (Kyodo) — A draft Japanese-U.S.-Mongolian agreement over the creation of a nuclear fuel production and spent fuel disposal cycle clearly refers to Mongolia as the destination of such fuel, according to its text, which was obtained by Kyodo News on Monday.

(Mainichi Japan) July 19, 2011

Draft accord notes Mongolia as home for spent nuclear fuel

At least Mongolian government has a sense to back off from becoming nuclear waste dumping ground of the world in the name of “Comprehensive Fuel Services”, before anything happens.

As per my post US-Japan Nuclear Energy Cooperation for Emerging Markets, the US and Japan are eager to sell nuclear reactors to emerging markets as they see nuclear renaissance and they think CFS is effective way of leveling the playing field to compete in the emerging markets.

According to Toshiba’s response to the previous news reports (see Toshiba and CFS (Comprehensive Fuel Services) in Mongolia – Nuclear Fuel, That is.), their understanding is that Mongolia takes back only (emphasis mine) spent fuel they sold to other countries for temporary deposit until reprocessing somewhere else.

Suppose that is the original intent. Do you think it is realistic to expect that it remains as intended?

Obama administration abandoned Yucca Mountain in Nevada and has no alternative plan and spent fuel pools of all nuclear plants in the US are crowded 4 times of those in Japan.

Japan has Rokkasho in Aomori  prefecture  where all spent fuel are supposed to be sent from all Japanese nuclear plants. But it is already full and cannot accept any more. So all Japanese nuclear plants are stacking up spent fuel in their spent fuel pools and on their sites.

Rokkasho was planned to store spent fuel for 50 years. Japan has no plan what to do with them when the time comes.

So, if the latest news is true, Mongolian government is doing right thing. After everything is put in place and they have a stake, it will be hard for them to reject U.S. and Japanese requests to accept their own nuclear waste.

I read that originally U.S. was supposed to take back all spent fuel from Japanese nuclear reactors that they were selling to Japan. I guess it was a difficult promise to keep.

And I hope not that now they are cooperating partly to solve their own spent fuel problem under CFS.


Yucca Mountain nuclear waster repository:

Japan’s Other Nuclear Disaster:

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