X Japan was reunited in 2007 for I.V., a theme song of a movie for worldwide release.

First forward, they did North American Tour in 7 cities in the US and Canada in 2010, finishing with New York sold out concert. Comments in media were very favorable.

I have been reading fun’s comments at YouTube about the concerts. They were all excited to see X Japan concert live first time. Never had they thought it could happen.

After the reunion, along the way, members of X Japan had more than enough problems of all sorts. But they did finish the tour in success, without canceling one concert that is first time since 1992 according to what I read.

Still not “household name” as Yoshiki wants. But they seems getting somewhere.

Toshi said his voice was best now. And both critics and funs seem to agree. Different kind of voice from his younger days; not hoarse, but very clear, yet strong voice. That is more so after recovering loss of his voice in late 2009 from stress.

Asked in an interview how he trained his voice, he answered that he had been doing concerts every day in the last 10 years after he left X Japan and that was his voice training.

X Japan’s old fun seemed to have welcomed him home warmly. X Japan has very understanding and forgiving funs, considering it was Toshi who caused X Japan to disband after all.

I read only one comment that said “It’s too late, too late!”

I wish Yoshiki went ahead with American market in early 1990’s as they were.

Or with Dahlia album in mid 1990’s. Maybe Toshi would not have to quit.

Maybe I heard about X Japan then in the US and could have enjoyed their music here since 1990’s in their prime.

Who knows.

I imagine that it would have been hard for Toshi to think that he himself (his English) prevented X Japan from entering the American market and consequently world market and achieving global success – their life long dream. (Even though he said in one interview that he had hated restraint that came with success and fame since his young age.)

But YouTube proved them wrong. New funs enjoy their music even if they don’t understand a word of Toshi. They became popular all over the world over the Internet.That must have been one of reasons they started considering reunion of X Japan.

Honestly, I like Toshi around 1993 to 1995 with long hair best.
But the same thing goes with other my favorite singers who have matured. I mean not only physically, but mentally. People grow up.

In recent concerts, Toshi looked enjoying interacting with audience more, rather than make them listen to his music. He definitely looks happy. I wish, though, that Toshi do not shout during ballads. I would prefer listening to his music.

I hope he find middle ground.

Anyway, I still cannot get over seemingly his character change between Toshi performing in X Japan and Toshi performing solo.

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Some Link to songs after the reunion:

Jade (HD) – 2010.08.14 X JAPAN WORLD TOUR Live in YOKOHAMA:

I.V. (HD) – 2010.08.14 X JAPAN WORLD TOUR Live in YOKOHAMA:
(I like his “guiter solo” by his voice toward the end.)

No shouting here:

Forever Love – Toshi & Yoshiki: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAVzgnYr9e8

X JAPAN Jade 2009 0503 18回目の夜 ~sp~:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-771gyUcpds

ToshI Solo:

X JAPAN ToshI Feat. YOSHIKI 愛する人よ (Loved One):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLtXBDaE3SU

Toshi – Unnamed Song (Live) 04-02-2010:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USUv7A9DhFY

X JAPAN ToshI Feat. YOSHIKI クリスタルピアノのキミ (You with Cristal Piano):

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