“Scarlet Love Song” is the main theme song of anime Tezuka Osamu’s “Buddha – Akai Sabaku yo Utsukushiku”, released in Japan on May 27, 2011.

I read the song would be released on June 08 worldwide. But it was not available either at Amazon or iTune. It turned out available only in Japan. On iTune there, it is No. 1 for 3 days with over 550 comments with all 5 stars, beating popular pop idol groups.

I found several YouTube uploads and have been listening the song for last two days.

As people are commenting, it is a magnificent beautiful ballad. Toshi’s singing is moving and yes, healing. It seems that he did not waste the 10 years after all.

And I think the people in Japan will appreciate the song. It is a strange coincidence that a song so fitting comes out now when it is needed.

I hope Yoshiki “will make it happen!” as said on his twitter about worldwide release.

Here’s the song on YouTube. The same version.
I put both as I like to read comments at both posts:

X JAPAN – Scarlet Love Song -BUDDHA Mix- / The film ”BUDDHA” main theme:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bcgD96idN0 (Click “Show More” for English translation.)

X Japan scarlet love Song full :


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