I don’t know if this is an anomaly or not. I thought Apple is much more efficient than this.

Here’s my first experience to download a new release.

X Japan single “Jade” was supposed to be released on June 28. But it seems nobody could find it in iTunes store including me in the US.

I tried search with key words; Jade, X Japan and “X Japan + Jade”. No luck.
So I checked “Just added week June 28”, no listing.

On June 29 in the afternoon, I could finally find it using keywords “X Japan + Jade”, but still there was no results if you used “Jade” or “X Japan” and still no listing on “Just added”.

On June 30 in the morning, I could finally find it using simply “Jade” or “X Japan”, but still no listing on “Just added”.

Someone posted it was already there on June 28. But if nobody could find it, what’s good?

If I were X Japan or their management, I would have really upset if it took three days before someone could find it easily after promoting “June 28 release” all over and being this is their first release in the US of any kind.

I am new to iTunes store, but I am pretty good at finding something using search engines.

So I am afraid there is something wrong with iTunes search function, if this is normal.

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