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On June 10, 2011, in More, Web,

I have a few web sites to maintain.

On and off, I had been cleaning up codes on them for years. My idea is clean up old codes and use CSS as much and as practical as possible, without changing appearance.

It’s the same as a house. It’s faster to build a new one.

When I change codes using my limited knowledge of CSS, it does not look good and I don’t like it. But accumulation of old codes of the oldest site over the years suddenly became embarrassing to myself. It happened several days ago. And I simply started cleaning up codes, picking up where I left six months ago.

Thus lack of blog posting for 10 days.

Basic page design using CSS was done before. Problems occur when I try to change complicated nested tables to CSS.

I got an ambition to eliminate a table and use “inline-block” instead and ended up reading a Fire Fox forum. Some one was explaining how to write code which can make your page look exactly the same way using “inline block” on different browers, including obsolete browsers.

What a hassle!

Someone commented: Why just don’t use a table?

I agree. I am glad I am not a professional who has to use CSS no matter what. 

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