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Thanks to my recent favorite Japanese heavy metal band “X Japan”, I made Apple account for the first time. For someone who knows nothing about Apple store, it is kind of confusing. 

It said I needed to make Apple account to purchase at iTune store. So I made it. After I made my account, I logged in and tried to fill out my payment information, but could find no place to fill them out.

So I went to iTune store and tried to purchase a song. It said I never used the store and I needed to make an “Apple account”. I have already one! 

Finally I found out that their system knew I had my account, but I had to say “Yes” to their agreement and give them payment information.

Why don’t they just say they need “payment information” for your account before purchase? Or more natural process would be that they ask payment information for all stores not only for iTune store during making an new account.

I must be missing something. But without X Japan, I would have given up the store.

Yes, I am living in a cave and use Amazon in case of emergencies, like overnight computer parts for my PCs.

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