Here’s the today’s  AP article.

AP IMPACT: Tritium leaks found at many nuke sites

The article reports that:

  • Radioactive tritium has leaked from three-quarters of U.S. commercial nuclear power sites. (There are 104 reactors located on 67 sites in the US.)
  • Most of leaks were contained within nuclear plants boundaries.
  • When it leaked outsite their plants boundaries, they were minor.
  • Federal govenment and industry official say that tritium leaks pose no thread to health or safety.

They say these leaks are from old corroded pipes underground.

Reading the article, I wondered:

  • Were leaks really contained mostly inside plant boundaries? Have they checked all underground pipes for leaks?  No, they haven’t.  Then how can they be so sure?
  • Since tritium is one of products of nuclear fission inside reactors, isn’t there possibility that other more hazadas products also leaked, such as cesium 137?  The article reports exclusively on tritium, while it mentions that tritium indicates possibility of presence of more dangerous isotopes like cesium 137 and strontium-90.

Among results of Googling cesium 137 and leaks, there was an article on cesium leaks at Vermont Yankee nuclear plant.

Failed fuel rods at Vt. Yankee is the source of cesium-137 Contamination

The leak was found near the tritium leak.

If that is the case, there must be possibilities of other cesium 137 leaks at the three-quarter of commercial nuclear plants where tritium leaks were found.

It sounds like Japanese government and TEPCO when Federal government and U.S. nuclear industries say there is no health or safety hazard from the leaks.

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