They say Memorial Day is start of summer.

It’s definitely summer because I am thinking of winter gardening.

I like winter gardening: There are no mosquitoes, no sweat. Air is dry and crisp.

I like to change design of our yards every year, imaging the look in spring.

I move borders of flower beds, change stepping, carrying around bricks for edging and heavy square bricks for stepping.  Then I move plants in the way of new design. My husband says not to move plants during winter.

But so far I had no problem doing just that.

Last winter, I even moved two sprinklers. My husband said I should not do that. You may think it must be difficult. I thought so too. Actually I found it’s not.

Just dig to find pipes and add, extend, change direction of pipes to where you want a sprinkler.
Just make sure you do not clog your pipes and sprinkler heads while working.

After I finished and covered them with dirt, I turned on sprinklers, but no water came out. I had to call my husband. He found sprinkler heads were all clogged up with dirt and had to dismantle them to clean them.

For next winter, I have another two sprinklers I want to move from next to air-conditioning unit.

This is all for our tiny yards.  It will keep me busy my winter days after long, hot, humid summer finally ends in November.

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