I ‘d rather move on. But strange information keeps coming out.

According to NY times below, Navy Seals were authorized to fight against Pakistani military and police if necessary.
2 backup helicopters were planned to wait in Afghanistan, but Mr. Obama changed them to go with the raid group.

Posters there are praising Mr. Obama’s thoughtfulness, overriding military planning.

OK, one helicopter was down, so without the backing helicopters to pick up Seals who came in with the downed helicopter, things could have gotten messy.

But why were they ready to take all these extraordinary risks, including fighting against Pakistani forces?

Remember? Alter all, according to the administration’s account, until the raid, they did not know who actually lived in the compound. They knew someone walked daily in the premise, but could not tell even height of the person.(Then how could they know his daily walk? I imagine spy satellite could see a lot.) No voice was recorded, the person was so cautious not to come close to the windows, they did not have a chance to take photos.

Or they knew it was him for some time?

Ready to fight against Pakistani force for some one who may or may not be Osama bin Laden.
What was so compelling reason to justify possible political, diplomatic disaster?
And why are they releasing all these details? To show “Mr. Obama knows best.” for next election?

First I read in Japanese newspaper, but did not notice in Google news.

U.S. Was Braced for Fight With Pakistanis in Bin Laden Raid

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