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You would think they are melodic speed metal, if you listen without knowing that they are Visual Kei*.
I like their music. I wish they abandon those Victorian clothing.

You may have different opinion. In case you cannot tell, the guitarist in the long dress is a guy.

The reason I started checking Visual Kei bands is that X Japan is the first who started outrageous outfit, hair style, make-up among Japanese metal bands.  If you are interested in, read the article linked at the bottom.

In USA, they are “Versailles Philharmonic Quintet” because the same name band exists.

Some links to their songs:
Versailles – Princess [Château de Versailles DVD]:
Versailles – Serenade (PV):

Versailles official web site:

*If you never heard of it, I thought this article explained very well.

What is Visual Kei :

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