Japanese proverb “Todai (lighthouse) moto (base) kurashi (is dark)” comes to my mind:

Translation: We are apt to overlook important things that lie near at hand. (from J-E dictionary)

Maybe Pakistani authorities REALLY did not know that Osama Bin Laden had been hiding for 6 years in the house several hundreds yards from their military school in the military town, 30 miles from their capital.

Suppose someone is helping him, he or they are brilliant. If “a million dollar” house is built new and a bunch of people started to live secretively in the environment, you probably think that some senior military person must live there.
(One problem is that the house does look neither a million dollar house nor 6 years old in TV footage; it looks like 40 year old inside out.)

Anyway, downside of living in military town seems that helicopter fly over is not unusual thing. That must have cost him life in the end.

I accept our government’ basic story line, because I think this story involves too many people and too complex to succeed in making-up. Although the timing is too good for Mr. Obama. Story of layered birth certificate is nowhere. Story of bombing of Qaddafi’s son’s private house and killing of his son and three grand children in Libya is gone, at least for now.

Even so, their story changes too often in short 3 days after the story broke in early May 1st.
Bin Laden had a gun. No he did not, but resisted. He tried to reach for something, might have been for bomb…

By the way, blade and body of downed helicopter looks unusual. Must be stealth. They brow it up before leaving, but it did not destroy it totally.

Link:  Part of damaged helicopter

Added May 05, 2011:

I am afraid my lay person’s observation is somewhat off:

Pakistani Military Investigates How Bin Laden Was Able to Hide in Plain View

Here’s an article that includes more detailed description of the downed helicopter.

Blackhawk pilot’s quick thinking credited in raid

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