“This compound in Abbottabad was an active command and control center for al Qaeda” according to CIA.

Bin Laden had been marginalized for long time. Then now as he was killed, he was active commander, plotting attack against the US.

Really?  This is getting pathetic.

The Obama administration looks like propping up bin Laden and is trying to wage war against al Qaeda. So where are they? Sure, al Gaeda issued statement to revenge. So what?

What his death could prompted is about 100 anti-American protesting in front of the US embassy in London.
His time has long passed and the fact tells that he had no capability to plan and prosecute any significant attach in last several years from the compound in outskirts of military town in Pakistan

It does not make him capable of realizing any plan for 10th anniversary of 911 that they found on disks him floating idea to attach trains in the US and videos of bin Laden watching himself on Satellite TV and practising speech.

I am getting cynical of the timing of the raid by the day.

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