Almost 20 years later, I started to watch his lives on YouTube.

I like watching his simple concerts in old days: No colorful lasers, no big screens like current ones. One spot light shines on him in white T-shirt and blue jeans in the dark, in front of over 50,000 audience in open air concert.

I listened to him in 80’s, but never came to my mind to go to a live concert. He has been doing concert tours around Japan for decades, rarely appearing on TV.

Anyway, now he has become a legendary rocker in Japan. Still every concert is sold out quick. He is getting 60 in a few years, still looks remarkably in good shape.

Some links to his songs:

浜田省吾 Shogo Hamada


終わりなき疾走  – Owarinaki Shisso (Endless Run) :

片想い  – Kataomoi (One-sided Love):

– Rojiura no Shonen (Back Street Boy) :

Official web site:
Shogo Hamada – Wikipedia:


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