It’s been nearly l0 years and apparently he had been alive and well until yesterday. 

I was inclined to believe that he had been dead for long time due to absence of credible video or tape of his for almost 10 years after 911.  Every time something came out, government said, almost automatically, that it seemed authentic.  My reaction was “Really?” 

But, it would be a bit hard to pull off  “certificate” on this one. 

But this is an interesting timing. Am I too cynical?  Now I am afraid that there will be no chance that his fraud birth certificate becomes an issue. 

After all, Mr. Obama had a gut to order the politically risky operation, hadn’t he? 

What if Mr. Clinton had a gut to get Bin Laden when he could? Would we still be living innocent without thinking of terrorism every time some accident happens? 

And now are we going to have a president whose legitimacy is in question for 8 years?
One thing seems clear: He is a risk taker or reckless. Professorial appearance is deceiving.
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