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Her name is Meowee. I borrowed her name for this blog, for simple reason that it was available domain name.

She is now over 15 year old.  She is a queen in our household after other two cats passed away in succession in one year. It seems I spoiled her after she became alone. Now she demands brushing every night before she goes to bed. It’s my mistake, my husband says.

He brought home Meowee from local animal control years ago.  She kept crying “meowee, meowee”. Hence her name.

One week later, she disappeared. My husband was so distressed, tried to find the same type of cat.

Another week later, when we returned with new Siamese kitty from a breeder, he heard “meowee” at the back entrance. She was dirty and thirsty, but OK.  And until recently we ended up having two Siamese cats, on top of another older street cat from animal control.

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