When summer approaches here, I feel like watching drift ice. It must be like shaving ice for mind.

I found a beautiful drift ice video with perfectly soothing BGM, my husband’s kind.

The poster’s comment was it was taken on a cold day after stormy cold front passed, drift ice reached the shore that day. Once in a while it shows up close drift ice moving like wave. I saw it first time. Pretty amazing.

Here’s the video on YouTube. Be sure to watch with full screen.

Drift ice cape : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izcv06KyEm8

I checked his channel jg8gwx and web site on nature and wild animals of Hokkaido.

I randomly chose videos of a crying rabbit and an awl perching on a rod of a boat in, it looked like, sleet in the dark.
He has numerous videos posted. I think I will check his site again.

I remember I was in Hokkaido once for skiing long long time ago.

We went straight up to the mountain top, but I found I could not come down skiing. The slope was too steep for me. So I walked down my ski on my shoulder all morning.

When we came out to the parking lot after night skiing, we found our car was frozen.

I forgot everything else.  Hokkaido is a long way from Tokyo.  No chance we drove there.  I tried, but  don’t remember even flying in there.


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