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I watched cats having nail clipping on YouTube and the owner was using nail clipper for humans.

First two cats did not run way. Actually they looked happy after finished. Third one run away.

I talked to my husband; we should trim nails of our cat. He said he wouldn’t dare to try it and “Be my guest.”

He has three times longer experience about cats than me. So he is the judge. And I keep getting scratches.

Here’s the video. Her cats videos are very popular and always make you smile.

くるねこ大和 ネイルサロン三ッ毛みっけ 初夏の陣:
Kuruneko Yamato – Nail Saloon – Early Summer version:

I think success of this owner’s videos is partly because she never shows her face in the videos.

It must be tricky because usually she is interacting with her cats: In one video she goes up a ladder to rescue her cat stuck on top of the ladder, comes down the ladder carrying it on her shoulder. We hear her voice, but never see her face. We see only her back throughout the rescue operation.

That reminds me Meowee once went up to the roof of our neighbor. But she could not come down and was crying going back and forth on the roof top.

Our another cat heard her and went up to the roof. He patiently showed her the way to come down.



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