Bird’s Nest

On May 15, 2011, in Gardening, More,

My husband showed me that birds made a nest in a dead branch of 300 year old pine tree.
He said they were stupid, they hollowed out the dead branch, almost entire its length, and tip of the branch broke off.

I have noticed birds are flocking the branch as the branch is sticking out in front of my window, but did not know they have a nest in it.

Bird's nest in 300 pine tree

There are several holes throughout the branch. all holes are underside of the branch, if you can see.
I haven’t succeeded in taking photos of the birds. I think they are finches, but not sure. They are small brown birds, arrive in Spring and stay all summer long.

Anyway, a bird made a nest in my husband’s hanging basket of impatience and had baby birds several years ago.

My husband had to protect them from our cats, then we had a hurricane heading to us. He had to evacuate them to the shed and watch for them. Eventually they flew away.

Next year, birds returned and some visited his workshop and flew around happily. He said they were the ones in the hanging basket.

If he does not remember, I did not make up the story.

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