I heard that 5 videos released by CIA are fake. So I watched the video of bin Laden watching himself again closely, expanding to full screen.

I do not know the old person in the blanket is him, but the hand with remote control pointing ceiling throughout the video does look like younger person’s. Too full for the old person, I agree. In addition, it does not look attached to the person, actually it is a bit scarely.

And I noticed that two vertical white cables on the wall (center on screen) partially disappearing and pixels on the wall looks like moving around. Or it looks like fogs were moving around the wall. I bet someone who edits video can explain.

What’s wrong with these people? I accepted their basic story line. But now they release fake photos.

Is it to create a pitiful image of bin Laden who looks like an aging actor who is enjoying own images of his glorious days sitting on the flour, covered with blanket, in a dingy room with a gaping hole (on the left screen) on the wall?

Or something more sinister?

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