I posted about his solo performance a few days ago with 5 video links on YouTube.

Last night, I noticed 4 of 5 links were removed by user since then. It’s kind of strange coincidence as I had been watching them for some time.

If it is a copyright problem, I am sorry that we won’t be watching good quality videos of his solo performance on YouTube. (I will try find other ones. But chances are they will be gone sooner or later.)

Even in Japan, since he does not perform solo on TV, only possibility you can enjoy his solo will be to go to Arashi concerts or purchase several live concert videos by Arashi which contains each one of his solo performance.

Wait. With quick checking at Amazon, their DVD format is region 3 ( Southeast Asia, East Asia, including Hong Kong ). So if you are outside of region 3, it seems you have to overcome a couple of hurdles to enjoy them.

Here’s my lay person’s idea:

If I were Jonny’s Associates, Inc., their famous talent agency for male idol groups, I would just leave them alone and release a compilation DVD of Satoshi Ohno’s solo performance in format of all 6 regions.

Even in Japan, if you watch him only on TV variety shows and Arashi, you will never know what he is capable of.
Many posters commented they like to see his solo performance. It seems a good idea for his funs that they flood Jonny’s Associates with emails, or twitter etc.,demanding to see his solo performance on TV, solo concerts, DVDs, Blue Rays.

Maybe they change their mind, you will never know.

Satoshi Ohno looks so young, but he is 30 year old. Life is short. His prime time will pass not in long future.
Even if he himself won’t care, it would be such a waste of talent.

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Jonny’s Associates, Inc. on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnny_%26_Associates

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