Mr. Obama’s long form birth certificate:

Actually I did not pay much attention about Mr. Obama’s birth certificate thing, until I saw the copy of his birth certificate long form in PDF format posted at White House web site.

At a glance, it has phoney looking:

-Mis-aligned registration numbers with different shade, size

– Date stamp – one number with different space, different shade

– Look of copied page with curled darker edge (like when you take copy of a page of opened book) embedded in different background

– White hallow around all texts

People who use Adobe Illustrator are already uploading video showing layers of the certificate on YouTube.

For example, first 3 numbers of 1961 is on one layer, last one number is on other layer: That explains different space and shade.

I am sure there will be no demonstration of layers of the certificate on TV, even on Fox. Republican won’t touch it. But I hope it will stay on the Internet as now I started having interest in Mr. Obama’s birth certificate thing.

Links to demonstration of layers in Illustrator:

Obama’s Birth Certificate Is 100% Fake? Professional Graphics Designer Agrees It’s A Fake 1 of 4

Obama Birth Certificate in Adobe Illustrator – Prank of Text Layers – Photoshop nerds unite

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